Book Reviews

“That’s Not Right” by Alex Manners

2019-08-07 09.40.17
As a teacher of children and young people on the autistic spectrum for many years I was intrigued by how things have progressed over the years since my retirement. Unfortunately, nothing much seems to have changed. Alex tells vividly what it is like to be a child on the spectrum living and learning among the neuro typical. Parents still have to fight for the appropriate resources for their child and the children themselves labour to be understood in a world where hidden differences are not always acknowledged.
Well done, Alex and family for persevering. Of course, they had help. Not all of his education was a struggle but if a person on the spectrum has the right type of intervention there is no telling where it can lead. Alex has taken life by the horns and is making it a success. His book is a must read for any parent or young person with autism concerned about the future.