Naked we come into this world …

April 2nd 2023
In the news this week I have read two stories concerning nudity that make me wonder what the world is coming to.

The first was from America. Apparently it’s okay to go around carrying assault rifles in first world urban settlements which includes schools, churches and hospitals but it is not acceptable to look at beautiful works of art.


Because they show the human form in all its glory as God made us.

The second was from Australia.

Australia? Yes.

Apparently a surf live saving club near Sydney has issued a warning letter to a woman because she was naked in the changing room. As she says, you have to remove your clothes in order to put on your swimsuit and vice versa.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that we are not all David’s and some bodies are best left covered, mine for a start. We can’t go around flashing our differences willy-nilly so as to speak – but art and the seclusion of changing rooms?

There is much talk about mental health today. Aren’t we just screwing people further by making the human body something to be ashamed of?

Anything forbidden will be sort out illicitly. There are many examples, Eve and her apple, Pandora and her box, me, as a child, playing by the river when told not to go near it. [Please feel free to fill in your own example.]

I’m not advocating parading about naked, heaven forefend, but we all have a body with the necessary parts to enable human life to remain healthy and continue the species. Surely allowing children to think that bodies and natural bodily functions are shameful will make them think that they must be something to be ashamed of.

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