Who am I and Why am I staring into the Pantry?

I thought I was doing alright. Okay, I’m past my Biblical sell-by date and life’s a tad fraught at the moment but I passed a recent MOT at my doctor’s with only one advisory.

Having received a message about a dementia course run by the very same doctor’s surgery I considered it, decided I know who I am, that we now have a king not a queen, why I’m standing staring into the pantry (looking for jam) and what month it is.

Or do I?

I thought it was March, a spring month. On the strength of knowing it was March I sent my elder nephew a birthday card (2nd) and have bought one for my eldest granddaughter (18th). I have arranged to meet my son and his family for a Mothering Sunday brunch and have taken the summer curtains out of storage ready to put up in time for the change to British Summer Time.

However …

  • I wake up to this.
  • The local theatre sent me an email advertising the 2023 Christmas play and inviting me to book.
SHOW FOR 2023!
  • My local supermarket has a shelfful of this!

If anyone knows who I am and what month it really is please let me know.

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