You see that pair of little monsters?

All day I’ve been trying to write a witty blog about something interesting. Instead I have been up and down opening and shutting doors for these two.

The day even started by me being rudely awoken by having my left nipple squashed under a dog’s paw. A rude awaking but effective.

If you watch closely, you can actually see the rules of the game they play.

  1. Neville the Devil paws at the back door and meows pitifully.
  2. I get up to open the door and Neville slides under the table instead of going out.
  3. Celyn shoots out of the door looking for Neville who pokes his nose out from under the table and laughs. (He can laugh, I assure you.)
  4. Dog hurtles back in knocking me into next week and chasing Neville in a circle around the house until they are back at the door. (Which I have shut before returning to my laptop.)
  5. Repeat previous 4 steps.

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