The Fourth Corona Book of Horror Stories

The Fourth Corona Book of Horror Stories ed. Lewis Williams

After a long hiatus due to the powers-that-be naming a virus after them, Corona Books are back with a fabulous new selection of horror stories designed to emulate the great Pan Books of Horror. This anthology is a selection of different styles and tropes; something for everyone. You may find that not every story is to your taste, but all are well written and deserve a read.

I have to admit to having a story in this anthology, but this review is about those I am privileged to sit alongside. Most of the authors have impressive lists of credits to their names and it shows in the calibre of the stories included here.

My favourite is Here, Piggy, Piggy by Florence Ann Marlowe. Every horror book needs a witch and this one is a very modern lady who gives out a punishment to fit the crime. This is followed closely by There is a Man in Edith’s Home by Sam Rebelein, and Darla and the Clown by MM Scheier but then I love a psychological horror.

The Best Weapons in the World by Wondra Vanian is a wonderful new spin on an old trope as is The True and Short Life of a Werewolf by Augustus Stephens. If I say any more I’ll spoil the endings. You must read them for yourself.

A Stopover in Burden by Adena Graham may have been done before but I was touched by the feeling of desolation she managed to convey in the story. I felt as if I was there with Saul.

This is a modern anthology with new writers deserving of their place in the literary world. If you are looking for entrenched tropes and huge names you will not find them. If you are looking for fresh ideas and new names to follow then step right in and read, read, read.
There are others in the series, check them out while you’re at it.

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