The Calibre of Death

The Calibre of Death by Alison Lingwood
Tempers run hot when Staffordshire villagers, concerned at the development of the HS2 rail link, attend a protest meeting. Unfortunately only the next day one of their opponents is shot dead having cancelled an important meeting due to her car breaking down after being tampered with.

DCI Timothy heads up the case, while struggling with added pressure at home when his young sister-in-law comes to stay due to problems within her immediate family and Pippa and Harriet are struggling with a fashion show and a fast-growing business.

When Aasa, the HS2 representative is shot all investigations look for her killer. Unfortunately they takes them in the wrong direction.

There are many strands to this story which knit together to form a perfect twist. An excellent read which will keep the pages turning long after you should have put the lights out. A definate 5 star read.

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