It’s Lent and I was given a small card when I went to church on Sunday asking me ‘What regrets do you need to lay down?’
Well, I am in the fortunate position of not having any life-changing regrets. That’s not to say I have no regrets just too few to mention. (Sorry! I couldn’t resist.)

There is one though that I must share.

In 1970 I had £100. I had that and a little bit more.

It must be remembered that back in 1970 if you were a teenager with £100 you felt like you were a millionaire. The money had been saved to pay my way through Teacher Training college.
Since I was 4 years old I had wanted to be a teacher. I never waivered. My parents encouraged me to save as I would need money to see me through.
I was given half-a-crown pocket money (2/6d or 12.5p) a week. I spent 6d (2.5p) and saved 2 shillings (10p). I did errands, had a paper round and when old enough I worked Saturdays and holidays in a bakery.

So in the summer of 1970 I had the grand total of £126 and some odd pennies in my Post Office savings account.

I was all ready to go to college in the September when my local garage acquired a fire engine for sale.
It was an old Dennis, and I was besotted. It cost £100 and I had £100.

I couldn’t drive then, I had no where to keep it but I lusted after that fire engine every time I walked past.
College won but 50+ years on I still think about that fire engine. How much would it be worth today if I could have kept it in the manner it deserved? Not that I would have sold it on but I could have stroked it’s glossy red paint whenever I wanted.

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