A Ripping Yarn

Field of Lies by John Pye
Field of Lies: A crime thriller with a deeper secret (Detective Inspector Doug Taylor)Field of Lies is the second book involving DI Doug Taylor. Having enjoyed the first I was looking forward to reading this. I was not disappointed. This book has everything a crime novel needs to keep the pages turning. Some pretty nasty personalities sneak from the woodwork as the story unfolds and get to play their part in a twisted tale of greed, ego, violence, sex and murder as well as puzzling links to an age-old secret and to a missing girl. DC Deakin, who has an instinct about the case is taken out of the game before he uncovers a fraction of the grisly facts. Deakin’s friend and former boss, DI Doug Taylor, in his usual impetuous form, bulldozes straight in, eager to unravel a growing mystery and an awful tragedy. His hot-headed actions soon land him in dangerous trouble but together with girlfriend WDC Kim Harding he turns a planned winter break into an illegal search for answers. The truth is far more sickening than anyone would have thought. Humorous episodes break up the tension when power crazed senior officers put their ego in front of common sense and good police work. We are introduced to rookie police constable, Sid Beddows who just wants to be a copper, but his efforts to solve a minor crime upset the apple cart of the top brass completely. When his secret skills are discovered he gets to become a major player in crimes of international importance.
If you enjoy a fast-paced crime novel then I would highly recommend this book.

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