A Good Ghost Story

I read a short story, Curious, If Anything, by CC Adams which was included in an anthology of horror stories and was so very impressed that I’ve looked out other work by him and found this little gem. It is a novella and as with all the best ghost/horror stories the length means that the action is tight, the drama being developed slowly but not overly drawn out.

Denny and Olivia are looking forward to life together after their lavish wedding in Olivia’s dream setting followed by a belated but beautiful honeymoon. Like all relationships, theirs is one that needs working at along with love and trust but these qualities are slowly and surely tested, when insidious forces get to work, forces that have a devastating effect on the pair.

CC has a wonderful knack of building tension. You hear every creak, follow every step and expect to see something pretty nasty around every corner. The uneasiness builds around the reader understanding what is likely to occur given a situation but not the when as well as the unexpected as the shocks come when you least expect them.

This this a beautifully crafted book designed to keep you on edge as to what will happen next. If you like a good fright and are partial to a ghost story then I would recommend you try this.  

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