The day I microwaved the cat!

2019-04-10 09.22.25Before you all reach for your phones and report me it was not a sweet little fur-ball with whiskers, sharp claws and a meow.

My neighbour’s cat comes to visit when the mood takes or she want’s something. No, I’ll get this right – when she wants something.

She prevents me from working until she feels the call of the wild when she wanders off to do her own thing.

2019-03-02 14.49.12She’s a sweetie and I would not microwave her even though I want access to my own computer. In fact, there are times when she’s helped by editing my writing and passed comment. My daughter says she must love it because she’s left so many kisses.

The cat I microwaved is stuffed with wheat and I use it to sit on my shoulder when working to help soothe the pain from arthritis. Today, I burnt it – badly. So badly that I had to dunk it in a bowl of cold water to put out the fire and then throw it away.2019-05-25 10.28.42

How did this happen??? I’ve microwaved it countless times over the years and it’s helped me to do without meds and control my pain. On top of that she was a present so now I’ll have to explain to my mum. Either that or try and find another the same.

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