Looking for a good read?


TWWWNHW front cover[217]
Check out Brangwen’s story. http://www.coronabooks.com http://www.amazon.co.uk

Well, you are lucky people. Perhaps it was played for, I don’t know, but if you haven’t already bought a paperback copy of my book you can do so from Amazon for 2/3 its original price!

I do expect a review for that, so be warned!

The book is selling so I would get my finger out if I was you and click away before they all go.

  • Of course, there’s always a Kindle copy if you’d rather. Electronic editions are so much lighter in your holiday luggage.




Before you leave take a look at these books. Build up your summer library ready for that long-awaited holiday.

If you’re in the writing mood Corona Books is now looking for submissions for The Third Corona Book of Horror Stories.  Check out the Corona website for more details.


You have until April 30th 2019. Good luck!





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