The Second Corona Book of Horror Stories

4635013429_262x400[1]Congratulations Corona Books for not only being nominated in the Critters Annual Readers Poll in the best anthology category but coming in the top 10. A lot of care was taken when selecting an eclectic range of stories for this book and it is only fitting that this has been rewarded.

Okay, I know I’m biased as I have a story in it but there are 16 other brilliant tales well worth a read. These range from the classic Hammer-style horror to modern technology developing sinister predilections.

My personal favourites revolve, as always, around the psychological and what could happen in real life. I suggest Drum Lessons and Masterpiece if you need something to keep you awake.

For those of you who prefer your horror to be a little off kilter try Back to the Soil or Domestic Disturbance.

It has mirrors too. Mirrors are scary. I can’t look in a mirror after dark since I watched American Werewolf in London and Dark Reflection does nothing to alter this.

If you like this you can go to and check out other books published this year, which include;



There’s a treat for a cold dark night.

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