Christmas Myths

I have had time to ponder this Christmas; pondering, beyond how to remove glitter from soft furnishing and dinner plates. (See previous post)   Now that the twelve days are almost over I find I have come to the conclusion that there are some serious myths surrounding the festive season.

Myth 1: Sprouts need to be put to boil until reduced to a pulp

2019-01-03 18.10.30This is indeed a myth. Owing to a series of unfortunate incidents (see previous post) my sprouts were still growing in my garden as late as 12.05 pm on Christmas afternoon and not boiling away as they should have been.2018-12-25 12.08.59

Result? Gorgeous sprouts served without any fussy dressing after a gentle 15 minute steam.

Well, we liked them and there were none left.

Myth 2: Christmas is expensive.

Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

My sister brought me a cup of tea in bed. I never thought I would have a cup of tea brought to me in bed, the right side of a hospital ward, ever again.

I rate a cup of tea in bed beyond diamonds. It was simply the best present this Christmas. Thank you, Linda.

Myth 3: Goodwill to all is for Christmas

Last year I missed a snowflake on the kitchen door when taking down the decorations. Once noticed,2019-01-03 18.14.05 I decided not to remove it as it reminded me that goodwill should be extended to all throughout the year and not just at Christmas.



God bless us, everyone. May your New Year be everything you wish.



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