Still another 2 days until Christmas?

Decs are up, pressies wrapped – some even delivered, cards written and posted, fish clean. I’ve even been out for some festive socialisation a couple of times. Well, 4 actually, last week. Anyone who knows me will wonder what has happened. No more waiting until the bells ring out for Midnight Mass to cause panic preparations.


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There’s just one tiny detail…

My husband, Mike 8-shed Eaton was a bit of a DIY fan. So much of a fan to be exact that I never dared suggest we decorate the house for Christmas in case I came home to find a new wall in progress – or one gone. Despite continual training he never learnt that by ‘decorate for Christmas’ I meant tinsel and not plaster or new tiles in the bathroom.

The tiny detail I have struggled with this year is the lack of a large sack of plaster where the Christmas tree goes. It was one of those things that might come in handy even if you never use it – which we never did.2018-12-23 17.55.52 As much as I complained about it long and hard for numerous years it did provide a nice guide as to where the tree should stand without it looking squashed. Covered with artificial snow it provided a neat bench for Father Christmas to sit on and kept the presents from the underfloor heating.

I got rid of it fairly quickly but now find I miss it. The snow just looks a mess and Santa has had to sit on the shelf above. There’s nowhere to put the pressies.

Mind you, I did forget to tell my son that the old kitchen sink leaks so we had a bit of a flood on Friday but all’s well that ends well. I don’t think I could cope without some DIY at inconvenient times.

2018-12-23 17.54.00  As I’ve finished so early I think I’ll have a cup of tea.

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