My Grand day Out

I popped back into the sixteenth century on Sunday for an Elizabethan Christmas. I was rather hoping it would get me started on preparing for my own celebrations.

2018-12-09 11.38.05

2018-12-09 11.47.55The infamous ‘Grape of Death’ trick had us holding our breaths for fear the jester might choke. Not nearly as scary as his hobby horse, though.
2018-12-09 11.48.12

2017-12-03 13.03.23 I really go to listen to the Elizabethan Christmas music, preferable to the commercial stuff we hear today.

2018-12-09 12.00.30
Hautbois have some rather interesting facts about the evolution of the midwinter holiday we now know as Christmas. They made me laugh – and gave me some ideas I can use in my own writing.
2018-12-09 11.42.09
The Tudors ate too much, drank too much – no change there, then.
2018-12-09 11.45.03


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