loaf  I thought I might start the day with toast. I like toast. Comfort food at its best. It goes with – well, everything or even nothing should you be that way inclined. Unfortunately, you could save an entire nation from any form of infectious disease you care to mention or make up with the rancid remains I found in the breadbin.
So, before I could indulge my fancy I had to make some more. Why didn’t I just go to the shop I hear you think. I could have. I was up, showered and suitably clad for shopping but the reason is simple really.
I used to buy a particular loaf from my local shop. I bought it because it was a healthy option and more importantly, I enjoyed it. Earlier this year said shop went through a makeover. Very nice it is too. However, on reopening I could find no favourite bread. “Oh, I don’t think we stock that anymore,” was the reply to my request. This aggravated me beyond all reasonable measure. I rarely get to the point of becoming so riled, but should I do so – beware.
On a scale of 1 to 10 of being aggrieved I think I must around 8 because I do still use the shop. It’s handy and the staff are lovely. I do not buy bread. I will not buy bread. I’ve started to make my own and that’s brill because today it’s raining, and I don’t need to go out. I do not pollute the atmosphere as I do not have to drive to the shop. I therefore save fuel as well as the planet. I have the satisfaction of making something useful and the house smells nice. I have even found that I can think about my writing as I watch the mixer kneading the dough. (I’m not lazy I have quite severe arthritis.)

In fact, I can only think of one down side – I eat it – all – with lots of butter. This, of course, doesn’t help the arthritis but who cares when you can use gadgets.

P.S. In case you’re wondering, I started the day with a very healthy pear. My tree is full this year and they are delicious.pear

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