The Woman Who Was Not His Wife

My first novel has arrived on my desk. Throughout the process of writing I have had great faith in the outcome. I hope I have been justified.

Taken from her garden Brangwen leaves behind a her family and a comfortable life style for the harsh reality of an alien planet. A planet capable of sustaining life as we know it produces beings who are recognisable in both appearance and nature – and human nature can be very cruel. Unfortunately for Brangwen there is no political correctness to support her and what passes as the police force leaves a lot to be desired.


Brangwen finds herself a slave with no rights and the only people she can turn to are a strange pair of co-joined semi androids who make sure she stays out of trouble with the locals.

Liaisons between slaves and the indigenous people is strictly forbidden but human nature being what it is Brangwen finds herself pregnant by her owner. Rather than face a hideous death they make plans to vanish. Do they make it?

You’ll have to buy the book.


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