It took more years and more blood sweat and tears to turn an idea into a novel I considered worth publishing.

I could sit, quietly unfocussed during important staff meetings, and consider the next chapter only to find that by the time I got home the idea had morphed into something entirely different and then a frantic period of re-writing would ensue. All this was in the midst of sorting washing, binning, sorry, filing the mail or making tea. I did try leaving it to my husband but he was continually asking what to do next that it was easier to join him and we would work together.

Eventually, through mundane tasks, illness, disaster, operations and even loss I managed to finish my novel. This book has been my escape, my saviour, my dream. I love my new friends who wanted to be included in its narrative. I want to share this new world with all its foibles and recognisable traits, some nasty but others splendid.

Have you ever wondered what happens to people who disappear without a trace? Those who are never heard of again?  Try ‘The Woman Who Was not His Wife’ for size and see how it fits. It will be published in September 2018.

I thought writing the book was hard but as someone who cannot even see the point of writing my thoughts and fears in a diary I find that getting out there on social media is painful.

Follow me and listen to how I manage that over the next few months.



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